Monday, March 23, 2009

Palin Flip-Flopping on Stimulus

Palin, StimulusAs I mentioned in an earlier post, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has rejected stimulus money after lobbying for the bill weeks earlier. Since then, she has decided to reject only half of the money, and now recently has decided to take it all. (Image: Huffington Post) Palin has drawn the ire of several pundits quick to point out that she had flip-flopped on this in a similar way to how she flip-flopped on funding for the Bridge to Nowhere. For those of you who forget, she supported the bridge before denouncing the project while keeping the money.

Palin recently annoyed news agencies by dispatching her communications director to challenge ABC for reporting on her earmark requests. This type of behaviour adds to the amusement factor of how she deals with, what many Republican pundits call, government welfare. Alaska is a per-capita leader on earmark requests and is a big beneficiary of the stimulus bill.

I want to make the order of events clear here, because I find it really ridiculous:

  1. Palin goes to D.C. to lobby for stimulus bill
  2. Palin states desire to reject money
  3. Palin thinks she might take half of the money
  4. Palin willing to take it all
Did everyone get that? This is just silly. It's more of the same from the campaign. I thought it would be fitting to leave you with a clip summarizing the beginning of Palin's downfall. It call comes back to the money. Here's an MSNBC report via YouTube.