Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, Is This Obstructionism?

When one party holds power, the powerless opposition has two options: be a productive, vocal opposition or define the party by being everything the majority isn't. As biased as I may be, I don't see the Republican opposition in the United States being very productive. (Image: Wikipedia) I was critical in my earlier post The Rescue-Bailout-Stimulus Plan, but I believe this week the level of obstructionist behaviour has increased. Why? because the GOP governors are defying the legislative branch.

Well, maybe that's a bit strongly worded. What's happening is that some Republican governors are rejecting stimulus plan money. The governors of Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas are all questioning whether they should take the money. Frankly it sounds like they've already said no judging by their statements.

I want to highlight one governor here due to the hypocrisy of her message. Judging by the picture of this article, I'm sure you can guess that that governor is Sarah Palin of Alaska. Not only did she lobby for the original stimulus, specifically measures to help Alaska, she went on to announce her opposition to it after it passed.

To clarify this, she lobbied to pass the bill, but only for specific parts that benefitted her. Then spoke out in opposition of it, after it passed. Okay, that cleared up, what is this all about? How can these people claim to be looking out for their state by rejecting money that would prevent their budgets going into the red?

This type of behaviour is not productive. How can it be productive to reject money that has been committed to your state? Especially given the fact that the money will simply be redistributed to other states. That is playing politics. They aren't saving the country money, in fact what they are doing is robbing their citizens on a return of their tax dollars. The tax payers of Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas have paid as much as citizens in any other state, but now are funding projects and creating jobs elsewhere.