Monday, March 9, 2009

The GOP: A Drunk on the Subway...

This colourful description of the Republican Party comes from self-described Former Evangelist Frank Schaeffer. He relayed this description in an interview with non-other than D.L. Hughley. (Image: YouTube screenshot) It's quite shocking that D.L. Hughley Breaks the News has managed to produce some really good content for the second week in a row. After it's absolutely dreadful start, the guests these last two weeks have really redeemed Hughley's show to me. But let's get to the issue at hand...

Here's a video of the segment feature Frank Schaeffer. I know the segment is relatively long in Internet-time, but there is not a dull minute in it:

His willingness to acknowledge how the Republican party has pandered to religious groups is admirable. This occurs even though religious ideals don't match up with the true Republican agenda. Religion has never been "me first" in practice, but that's exactly what the GOP stands for. The Republicans gained this support by preaching religious values in social issues such as marriage and abortion. But to pose a question with reference to a famous Canadian quote, does the government really belong in the bedrooms of the nation?

If your religion is not encroached upon by these issues, why should it become the government policy that invades the private life of others? I believe these questions are those that Schaeffer is addressing indirectly. Well, he also directly addressed them by saying the religious-right movement has trended towards neo-fascism. Now, I don't think he is drawing comparisons to the Nazi party -- those most frequently associated with the word -- but rather the idea that government power was reaching into all facets of life. Creating one moral code that is stated as the only moral way.

Schaeffer's blogs at the Huffington Post go into more detail, and I would recommend them to anyone who finds this clip interesting. The creation of "Other" discussed in Schaeffer's work is exactly what happens in fear-mongering that the GOP has perfected. Schaeffer calls Obama's election a miracle that can turn the country around; this really is the truth. Obama can deliver a change of direction for the United States, and I hope that he does.

Watch the video when you have the time, it's really worth 8 minutes of your time; the last two minutes especially.