Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clean Coal: Not a Reality

It's shocking the success coal power companies have been enjoying by marketing "Clean Coal" as a genuinely safe and clean technology for the future. This insanity has created the need for a quality push-back, and it has started. (Image: YouTube screenshot) For anyone not familiar with the coal propaganda campaign, it's been marketed under the trade-name the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electicity. The Coalition has been advocating that coal is indeed a clean power source and represents America's best chance at sustainable power and continuing independence. Check out an example and the strike-back after the jump...

This advertisement is part of their America's Power campaign. Now, I will admit that clean coal is possible, but the coal industry, who is behind the Coalition, has resisted government regulation to make emission standards stricter. As of now, "clean coal" is merely a dream of environmentalists and the pawn of fossil fuel burning polluters. They have even gone so far as to link their cause to Barack Obama in some advertisements.

This ads, along with those by big oil companies under the name Energy Tomorrow, have created a backlash from environmental groups. The two ads below are part of this push-back. The first is from Repower America, advocating modern solutions with alternative energy -- in this case, solar power. The second advertisement is from This is Reality, a campaign mocking the idea of clean coal in the capitalism of the American energy market.

Repower America:

This is Reality:

I think both ads are pretty good. I quite like the first because the solution becomes so obvious seeming. What do you guys think?